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1919 , Trading Co. ad
1922 , Erlendson ad, Returning Soldiers Opportunity
1923 , Summer Fallow Results

1998 (top of index)

1999 (top of index)
  • Newsletter: January, 1999 (Lakeview Fire Department; Winners of Christmas Lighting contest)
  • Newsletter: February, 1999 (Bonspiel Winners; Lakeview Children's Center)
  • Newsletter: March, 1999 (Jack and Betty Oliver)
  • Newsletter: April, 1999 (Easter; Fish Derby Results)
  • Newsletter: May,1999 (Hollywood School; Lena Thorleifson; Melodie Leclerc)
  • Newsletter: June, 1999 (Gladstone Music Festival Awards; Sarah Arksey)
  • Newsletter: July, 1999 (Carole Kubb; Awards Day at Langruth School)
  • Newsletter: August, 1999 (David Peterson, Melanie Ching, Hollywood School Cairn Unveiling)
  • Newsletter: September, 1999  (Fall Fair Results, Royal Purple closes, Edith  (Kelm) Stanley)
  • Newsletter: October, 1999 (Langruth Elementary School wins soccer, Leila Duffin)
  • Newsletter: November, 1999 (In Remembrance, United Church shoe boxes, Banquet, Celebrate 2000)
  • Newsletter: December, 1999 (Christmas Lighting, Concert, Craft Sale, LDC Meeting, Seniors and Kids Club)
  • 2000(Jan to June) (top of index) Portage Herald Leader, May 16,pg6:   Lakeview Centre celebrates 10 years
    Portage Herald Leader, May 23,pg14:   Local News, Mulvena, Wiebe, Hill, Mackie, Ewen, Bugg, Arnason, Yungkurt)
    Portage Herald Leader, June 6,pg6:   Summer is here! Langruth School, highway cleanup, theatre: Red vs Wolfe
    Portage Herald Leader, June 13,pg3:   Westlake Co-op is shutting down
    Portage Herald Leader, June 16:   June 16,article 1(Eco Day)

    Portage Leader 

    June 6, article 2(Hanneson, Bugg, Oliver, Johnson)    June 13(Oliver, Arksey, Nazar)    June 27(Westlake Co-op)

      2000 (July to Dec)   (top of index)

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